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((Mun of Vulpes-Airin))
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things I learned today:

pop rocks change the color of fire- we had a blue and green fire

and gingers are indeed flammable


too soon

onyourgoat said: now any comunity is dickhead after dickhead…

sometimes, I think it depends on what kind of community

like our temple family, we’re not dickheads xD

except for the anons

onyourgoat said: XD it was glorious though. people actually chatted to me on dA instead of not even faving things

yeah! same here with youtube… people were so nice back then, I miss it 

Favorite Assassin’s Creed III Quotes

onyourgoat said: I remember people with names like xX_FORGOTTENTWILIGHT_Xx

those were dark times my friend


She’s like a black sausage with arms.

thalia-and-lestat said: SCREAMS WHAT

milosis said: OMG. REALLY?!?!?! :D

Yep, back in my AMV days when you couldn’t always get the username you wanted, we added x’s to the usernames because it looked cool

and someone already took Luria >:|

It’s going down
im yelling TIMBERRRRR